Video Studio Express – All-In-One Easy-To-Use Professional Video Editing Software From Aimersoft

Video Studio Express – All-In-One Easy-To-Use Professional Video Editing Software From Aimersoft

Using Video Studio Express from Aimersoft is easy and simple as compared to other video editing softwares available in the market. This video editor is a powerful tool that can be used for splitting, cropping and merging video files of different formats. It works perfectly irrespective of the size of the video file and provides output results strictly according to the needs of the user. Besides basic editing features, this tool also offers advanced editing functions, which include the addition or modification of the music in the background of the video file. Other features include the addition of special effects or transitional effects to the video file to make it look more pleasant and professional. After the completion of the editing tasks, you are offered with numerous options for saving and sharing video files as well. To learn how to edit WMV videos using this software in a quick and easy manner, follow the stepwise guide available on the link

Video Studio Express Features

A number of exciting features, which are described below, backs the popularity of this program.

  • Format Support: The Video Studio Express from Aimersoft provides an extensive support to a number of video, image and audio files, which can be used with this software. All the files downloaded via the internet and those recorded by mobile devices like Smartphones or digital cameras can be used directly with this software.
  • Precise Editing: The section for the editing of this program contains different tracks for audio, video and image files to be edited separately. Thus, a file is divided into three distinct parameters to carry on the task of editing video files precisely. The user can reduce or eliminate bad scenes or those containing unwanted noise, remove gaps, copy-paste different segments and perform many more functions to get a clear output of the video files.
  • Special Effects: Apart from basic editing functions like trimming, cropping, joining and others, this program offer advanced video editing functions also. You can also modify other video parameters like brightness, saturation, contrast, vertical or horizontal rotation or the aspect ratio of the original video to any of the four different options including full screen, original, 4:3 or 16:9 to add uniqueness to your video.
  • Multiple Sharing Methods: Once, you are done with the editing of your video; you would like to share the output file to your friends or other social contacts. To share this file, you can directly burn it on a DVD or export to a portable drive and share the DVD or the drive. You can also share the video online by directly uploading it on YouTube or any other famous video hosting website. You can also save the file to your hard disk, if you don’t want to share it or you wish to share it later.

Thus, Aimersoft’s Video Studio Express is professional video editing software that can be used for personal editing as well. If you wish to compress your MP4 video file with this tool, you should follow this link to get a detailed guide on how to proceed through the process for compressing video files.

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