An introduction to video editing

Video editing is what allows us to remove any video section we wish, as well as add effects, transitions, accommodate sequences and rearrange any video clips or segments as we want.

Video editing is one of the main steps in the video creation process, and the final product quality will highly depend on this step. During this process, we may cut video portions, remove them, and re sequence others in such a way that the original video we had and its sequences would be completely different from what we have after editing it.

Non linear video editing is the type of editing used with digital formats, while linear editing was the processor method which employed analog mechanisms. Nowadays, linear edition is hardly used while non linear is the editing mechanism mostly used. By using non linear editing, changing the order in which sequences or clips where shot can be easily done as well as any cut process is as simple as clicking on the area where we wish to cut.

This type of video edition allows video and movie creators to use their imagination and manipulate the video they have captured in their PCs as they wish. Among the many different possibilities which video editing software pieces bring, there are many different effects, transitions, and audio manipulations as well. The video’s audio can be edited along with the video editing itself since audios are manipulated in different tracks, separately from the images.

Video editing is where the final video is processed, the effects added, the cuts and transitions decided and the sequences placed in the final order. After the video editing, a home made video could look completely professional depending on the way in which the user manages the editing software tools. Most video editing software pieces are complicated to use, but we can learn how to use them by practicing, and once we have acquired the right amount of experience on it, the product will surely be worthwhile the effort.

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